Making Mabel, making lemonade

lemon tree

2020 – the first year we learned to live through a global pandemic – was full of uncertainty & collective pain. It was also the year I received my first significant & serious health diagnosis. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency (symptoms similar to premature menopause) & infertility whilst trying for a baby at age 33. I was confronted with 3 avenues to explore: my long term health, the root cause of my issues & the prospect of not being able to have children naturally. It felt like so much to unpack. I am proud of how I handled working through the uncertainty which led to an eventual diagnosis. It was not a linear path or straightforward experience, & part of it will always remain with me. My journey to healing inspired Mabel’s creation.

I am grateful to have supportive family & friends. I am privileged as within my immediate family I have doctors & nurses who make themselves available should I want to call them about issues relating to my health / diagnosis. Before receiving a confirmed diagnosis, in between my appointments, they help me understand things such as; why a particular blood test has been requested, what the impact of low hormone supply means for me long term, or if I just need a pep talk before going to see a specialist. I had this at my disposal through sheer luck. My network made me feel reassured, valued & supported. This strengthened my armour. This feeling is what we want to create for you with Mabel’s appointment service.

Do you ever dread booking that follow-up or have you ever left a doctor’s appointment feeling overwhelmed? We designed Mabel’s appointment service to help address this issue. When speaking to your Mabel Advisor, you have the option to request practical tips for your follow up appointment, this will most likely be some pre-prepared questions. A chat with a Mabel Advisor will also help you fill in any gaps in communication and deepen the understanding you have about medical conditions. 

I dedicate these words to my beautiful, kind & bold friend Alley who continues to help me in so many ways & is always shining bright.

Clementine, Co-founder

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