Fur babies & fertility

Some people use puppies as a trial run before they have their babies. My story of getting our rescue dog, my first ever pet, is inextricably tied to me finding a pathway to healing after an infertility diagnosis. I wanted to share it in case it could be of help to you or somebody you know.

My diagnosis timeline is as follows: January 2020 I raised concerns with my brilliant gynecologist, February 2020 waiting for test results, March 2020 a delay in waiting for answers owing to covid, in April 2020 we got Yannis & May 2020 it was confirmed that I am unable to have children naturally. 

I could see that my husband, a huge empath, was struggling a lot under the first wave if Europe’s lockdown & the increased severity of the global pandemic. It was my idea to foster a rescue dog. Then Yannis came into our lives. He came from a shelter, aged 5 with a traumatic back story. I thought helping an animal in need would be a positive way to spend our time & focus. Little did I know how transformational he would be for us. We are what is known as ‘foster failures’! I’ve heard dogs being described as having ‘happy hearts’ & Yannis certainly shares that with us.

Timelines suddenly become so important when your fertility journey is not going as planned. For us, what we had loosely planned (we tend to live life this way), was for us to have our first baby in 2020. When we were told this was not going to be possible, we started doing the calculations to figure out when we could start parenting. We always wanted to adopt & have begun this exciting journey. What Yannis brought to us as a rescue dog with a lot of needs, was a new bond in our relationship. We built confidence in our as a family unit, as parents to this pup with issues.

Dealing with the impact of a diagnosis is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For me, finding joy in learning about helping a little dog in need helped my personal healing. I’m a huge advocate for having a dog but I know this may not be possible for everybody. If you are struggling with something relating to your health right now, I encourage you to find a positive action to take. This could be implementing more daily walks, reconnecting with yourself or friends in a deeper way, or picking up something creative that you used to do when you were younger. 

Mabel’s service is designed to not only help you with your concrete diagnosis, but to help you open up with your feelings surrounding issues concerning you relating to your health to help you find the confidence to take the next necessary steps. We chose our Mabel Advisors on the basis that they are exceptionally compassionate, understanding & kind communicators. 

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