Cultural intelligence, healthcare experiences & why it matters to Mabel

When we began forming Mabel as an early idea, we knew we wanted to create an inclusive service to help everybody, especially people of colour, navigate healthcare systems. In my experience & my friends’ collective experience, being a person of colour can lead to some challenging encounters when receiving healthcare.

I’ve been reflecting and thinking about where, in some instances, cultural intelligence would have at the very least been a sweetener. My recent experience is light-touch compared to some that my friends have gone through. I saw a doctor last year who asked me to confirm once more that I am unable to have children. After I did, he immediately followed up with, ‘Where are you from?…oh you’re English, you don’t look English’. I cried for a few reasons after leaving his consulting room. One of them was because of that jarring & inappropriate moment where I was asked to confirm where I am ‘from’ for seemingly no purpose*. 

In the early stages of building Mabel we decided to create a service for women with an option to speak to a Mabel Advisor from a similar cultural background. Mabel is a young company but we will reach these goals in terms of diversity. We want to create a space in our appointments where potentially difficult discussions about medical conditions feel like opening up to a cool aunty, cousin or good friend. When talking to those close to you, the layered context of your cultural background is understood as part of the full picture. I didn’t know how to put into words what it was I was looking for until I came across the term ‘cultural intelligence’.

At Mabel, cultural intelligence & cultural agility is embedded in all that we do.  Even if your Mabel Advisor is not of a similar cultural background to you, you will still feel safe & welcome during your appointment owing to the fact that emphasis is placed on your Advisor’s high degree of cultural intelligence & cultural agility. We ensure everybody feels safe & welcome.  We are confident that our Mabel Advisors will ensure your needs are met & supported in the kindest of ways.

Featured in the picture with me is my lovely dad, cheeky little brother Louis & my glamorous grandmother slaying it in her sari. 

We have an inclusive service, open to everybody. 

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