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    Contraception methodsComing off my contraception & having a general discussion about pregnancy

    Trying to become pregnant:
    Information about menstrual cycles & ovulationI have just started trying for a babyI have been trying for 0-3 monthsI have been trying for 3-6 monthsI have been trying for 6 months +Trying to conceive after miscarriageTrying to conceive after a previous terminationInformation about VBAC (Vaginal Birth After a C-section)

    I want information about:
    Signs/symptoms of miscarriagePreeclampsiaGestational diabetesPlacenta previaAn incompetent cervixDifferent types of birthing - natural, home, water, hypno, C-section etc.Types of pain relief during labourSomething else related to a future pregnancy

    Menstrual cycles:
    Information about heavy periodsInformation about absent periodsGeneral information about menstrual cycles

    Lifestyle factors & my fertilityLifestyle factors & my partner's fertility

    Painful sexUterine FibroidsPrevious LLETZ procedureHigh blood pressureHIVPelvic floor issuesBladder issuesDepression / general anxiety disorderDiabetesGeneral nutritional education & diet

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    I'm too youngAn unwanted pregnancyI have questions about the 2 week waitIssues that I have been diagnosed with during my pregnancyBleedingLabour & birthingPain reliefDiet/excercise

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    Post-birth care:
    Perineal wound care3rd & 4th degree tearsC-section wound careLifestyle changes post-C-sectionVoiding post-birthPelvic floor recovery

    Breastfeeding - general informationBottle feeding - general informationLow milk supplyMastitis/blocked ductsMixed feeding - general informationTongue-tie & feeding

    Postnatal depression/anxietyFamily planning/contraception post-birthWeight loss / diet post-birthMenstrual cycle post-birth

    Mabel currently specialise in pre-pregnancy & post-birth care but please let us know if there is something else wish to discuss. We will let you know if we can help:

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