What does Mabel do?

We help women understand their diagnoses & demystify complex medical terms. Our specialisms are pre-pregnancy & post-pregnancy care. We are a digital healthcare service that helps individuals based in the UK. Our appointments are carried out via Zoom or phone calls. We are a non-diagnostic service.

How much is a Mabel appointment?

We are offering FREE appointments during April, May & June 2021. These free appointments will be with one of our expert Mabel Advisors, you will receive the same service as the premium version coming in July.

How long are your appointments?

We provide 20 minute consultations. After booking, you will be matched with a Mabel Advisor who is an with experts in their field of healthcare.

Who are the Mabel Advisors?

Our Mabel Advisory Team are all Registered Nurses and Midwives, working in the NHS. Our team have been specifically chosen to cover a number of medical specialities. We require all of our Advisors to have a minimum 5 years experience in a healthcare setting.

How can I book an appointment with Mabel?

To book an appointment with Mabel, go to our website mabel.digital/book and answer the questionnaire. Once we match you with a Mabel Advisor, you will be sent a booking link to book your online apointment.

Why don’t you diagnose during appointments?

We acknowledge that gaps in communication occur during medical appointments. Our service was created to fill those gaps. Our focus is creating more feelings of happiness and confidence in patients. Our focus is for you to feel reassured, empowered, listened to, valued, helped and supported by our Mabel Advisor during your appointment.

Who can book an appointment with Mabel?

Anyone over the age of 16. You can book a Mabel appointment if you would simply like information about a medical condition (e.g. I have a family history of pre-eclampsia but have not received a diagnosis myself) or if you already have a confirmed diagnosis (e.g. I have a diagnosis of uterine fibroids).

How is my data managed by Mabel?

Mabel complies with obligations under the GDPR. The only personal information we request is required is your name & email address. We will give you the option of sharing your medical information with us. The information collected will be used to organise the appointment with a Mabel Advisor and follow up email requesting feedback on your experience so we can continue to better the service for others. We will not share this information with any third parties. Our appointments are not recorded, so your data will not be stored once completed. If you have any other questions on Mabel’s Information Governance please do contact us on team@mabel.digital